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New Orleans Saints to train at the Greenbrier Resort

WV Metro News is reporting that the NFL's New Orleans Saints will hold part of their preseason camp at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.  According to Jim Justice, the owner of the Greenbrier, the arrangement with the Saints will run through 2016.   The resort will build three practice fields and a 55,000 square foot multi-use building for the Saints.

Rumor: Major announcement forthcoming from Greenbrier Resort

A Metro News article is reporting that a "variety of sources" are saying the Greenbrier Resort will soon make a major announcement concerning the relocation of an existing facility to the Greenbrier. "Speculation centers on a couple of possibilities: a professional athletic training facility, an NFL team training camp or another golf tournament" according to the report.

During its recently completed session, the W.Va. Legislature approved two tax credit programs that will benefit the Greenbrier and other travel and tourism businesses in the state. A Register Herald article indicates that the Greenbrier resort could receive up to $25 million in tax breaks over 10 years for a new resort-style medical facility.

W.Va. governor asks Feds to study health effects of chemical spill

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D-WV) is asking federal authorities to do further study on the possible health effects caused by the chemical spill that occurred near Charleston, West Virginia, according to a report by CNN.

On January 9th, 10,000 gallons of the chemical MCHM spilled from the storage facility Freedom Industries into the Elk River, just upstream of the West Virginia American Water Company’s water treatment plan at Charleston, WV. The leak contaminated water for 300,000 residents in nine counties.

Group hopes to reintroduce elk to W.Va.

WV Metro News is reporting that a group of West Virginians that recently gathered at Chief Logan State Park are hoping to reintroduce elk to the state. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has pledged its support to the project and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) is also supportive of the idea, "provided the elk are put in a place where the public will have long standing or permanent access to them."

A elk feasibility study, conducted in 2002, identified two areas of the state that would make suitable habitats for the elk, according to a Gazette Mail article from June of this year.


It's official: ’Country Roads’ is a state song

On Friday, the West Virginia Legislature approved a resolution making the song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" a state song according to an article published by Herald Mail Media. The song, made popular by John Denver in the 1970s, joins three other songs which have been so designated by the Legislature, giving the Mountain State a total of four (count 'em, four) state songs.

Video: Country Roads, by John Denver


W.Va. House passes "Chemical Spill" bill

Water Crisis
WSAZ 3 News Channel is reporting that the so-called "chemical spill" bill, more formally known as the Water Protection Act, has been passed, in a 95-0 vote, by the West Virginia House of Delegates. The W.Va. House and Senate will need to work out a compromised by the end of the session, which occurs this Saturday.

This year's legislative session began on Jan. 8th.  The next day 10,000 gallons of the chemical MCHM spilled from the storage facility Freedom Industries into the Elk River, just upstream of the West Virginia American Water Company’s water treatment plan. The leak contaminated water for 300,000 residents in nine counties.

Click "read more" for the rest of the story...

On Tuesday, some groups, including the W.Va. Sierra Club and Citizen Action Group had claimed that the House Finance Committee stripped crucial protections from the bill.  Before approving the bill late on Wednesday, the House passed an amendment restoring medical monitoring to the bill.

In related news, WCHS Eyewitness News reports that Environmental and legal activist Erin Brockovich expressed concerns Wednesday about remain of MCHM sticking to plumbing and fixtures in water systems affected by the contaminated water. 

Below, RT America video, originally published on Jan 10, 2014, on the chemical spill:


Legislative committee removes key provisions in "Meth Bill"

Crystal Meth Rock
Yesterday, a Metro News article reported that the House Judiciary Committee removed the requirement for prescriptions for medications containing pseudoephedrine from Senate Bill No. 6 (SB 6) on Tuesday night. However, the amended bill that would lower yearly purchase limits for medicines containing the key meth-making ingredient pseudoephedrine.

Today however, backers of a bill mandating a prescription for medications containing pseudoephedrine were working to reinstate that requirement according to an article in The Herald-Dispatch.

Click "read more" to view a video about the bill, as originally passed by the Senate.

Video: WV Senate Passes Bill Requiring Prescription for Drug Used in Making Meth

The following video is from February 18, 2014, when the West Virginia Senate passed Senate Bill No. 6. The bill's lead sponsor, Senator Greg Tucker (D, Nicholas Co.) explains the amended bill and what it hopes to accomplish.

Meth Epidemic in West Virginia

Back in 2012, WOWK 13 News posted the following video to YouTube.  The report covers the effects of meth labs on innocent neighbors, the unseen dangers of meth labs, and the rise in cases of innocent victims of meth in the mountain state, including a woman who lived the nightmare of losing everything she owned due to a neighbors meth lab found in her apartment building.

Feel free to share you thoughts regarding this topic in the comments section, below.


Denver's 'Country Roads' being pushed as official state song (again)

John Denver (1973)
A Charleston Daily Mail article reports  that Del. Mary Geartheart (R, Mercer Co.) has introduced a resolution that would make John Denver's song, "Take Me Home, Country Roads", an official state song.  The resolution has passed in the House and is currently before the Senate Government Organization for consideration.

This resolution, House Concurrent Resolution No. 40 (HCR 40), can be read in its entirety on West Virginia Legislature's website.

"Take Me Home, Country Roads", also known as simply "Country Roads", was written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver in 1970, and the song was first recorded by Denver for his 1971 album Poems, Prays, and Promises.

Click "read more" to view a YouTube video of "Country Roads".

Denver's song has become very popular worldwide and in West Virginia it was immediately well received.  According to the Wikipedia article about the song, several resolutions have been introduced in the W.Va. House of Delegate and Senate over the years to change the state song to "Country Roads", but such efforts to date have been unsuccessful.

Is this the year that 'Country Roads' becomes an official state song? (Your comments are welcome, below).

Video: John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

West Virginia's Three Official State Songs

As far as the here and now goes,  the follow is what the West Virginia Department of Commerce's website has to say about the state official song(s):

Although many people consider John Denver’s “Country Roads” the state’s unofficial anthem, the Legislature adopted the following three official state songs on February 28, 1963: The West Virginia Hills, words and music by Ellen King and H.E. Engle; This is My West Virginia, by Iris Bell; and West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home, by Julian G. Hearne, Jr. 

Appalachian Power, Wheeling Power ask for 4.4 percent rate increase

According to a Charleston Gazette article, Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power have asked the West Virginia Public Service Commission for a rate increase of 4.4 percent.  The increase would go toward reimbursement of past and ongoing fuel costs, primarily coal, and purchased power.

Interesting enough, the U.S. Energy Information Administration report from March 2014 indicates that nationwide, nominal annual average coal prices to the electric power industry actually fell for the second consecutive year, from $2.38/MMBtu in 2012 to $2.35/MMBtu in 2013.

The two power companies serve about 478k customers in 23 West Virginia counties.


Report: W.Va. the most miserable U.S. state in 2013

Commenting on a Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index report released in February, a Washington Post article noted that West Virginia ranked dead last in such categories as "life evaluation", "emotional health", "physical health", and "healthy behaviors".  Oddly enough, the state ranked 14th in "work environment".

A few days later, a Washington Post blog article noted that West Virginia has received a similar bad ranking on the Index since it was first issued, in 2008.

On a related and equally troubling topic: Time magazine's 2013 report named West Virginia as the nation's "most neurotic state". Click "read more" for more about that, below the page-break.

According to Time, its America's Mood Map was based on "personality test data from over one million people", which was used to identify "three distinct personality regions in the country."
"West Virginia is the most neurotic state, Utah is the most agreeable and the folks of Wisconsin are the country's most extroverted, a new study says." 
You can click the link above and visit the Time's page, and have a look at how the states are ranked on the page's "Mood Map".

Is West Virginia really that bad?  Let us know what you think in the comments section, below.

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