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Legislative committee removes key provisions in "Meth Bill"

Crystal Meth Rock
Yesterday, a Metro News article reported that the House Judiciary Committee removed the requirement for prescriptions for medications containing pseudoephedrine from Senate Bill No. 6 (SB 6) on Tuesday night. However, the amended bill that would lower yearly purchase limits for medicines containing the key meth-making ingredient pseudoephedrine.

Today however, backers of a bill mandating a prescription for medications containing pseudoephedrine were working to reinstate that requirement according to an article in The Herald-Dispatch.

Click "read more" to view a video about the bill, as originally passed by the Senate.

Video: WV Senate Passes Bill Requiring Prescription for Drug Used in Making Meth

The following video is from February 18, 2014, when the West Virginia Senate passed Senate Bill No. 6. The bill's lead sponsor, Senator Greg Tucker (D, Nicholas Co.) explains the amended bill and what it hopes to accomplish.

Meth Epidemic in West Virginia

Back in 2012, WOWK 13 News posted the following video to YouTube.  The report covers the effects of meth labs on innocent neighbors, the unseen dangers of meth labs, and the rise in cases of innocent victims of meth in the mountain state, including a woman who lived the nightmare of losing everything she owned due to a neighbors meth lab found in her apartment building.

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